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Careful of the Edge ... It's Nightfall!

In the dream you are falling, lost in the listening distance as dark locks in...

4 July
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Nightfall was a supernatural/horror radio series produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) from 1980 to 1983. It was so frightening that some CBC affiliates dropped it after numerous listener complaints.

The show had a run of 100 episodes, three-quarters of which were produced in Toronto and the rest in several other Canadian cities. One of the episodes was even produced in New York City.

The stories were by both first-time, and veteran, radio and stage writers. Some of these include Tim Wynne-Jones, Max Ferguson, Laurence Gough, Arthur Samuels, Nika Rylski, Warren Graves, Paul Bettis, and Silver Donald Cameron.

The shows starred a wide variety of actors popular in the Canadian arts. People like Chris Wiggins, Gerard Parkes, Neil Dainard, August Schellenberg, Budd Knapp, Colin Fox, David Calderisi, Elva Mai Hoover, John Stocker, David Ferry, and Kate Reid.

This journal is kept by me, Neil Marsh (aka audioboy), and follows my efforts to research the history of Nightfall by interviewing people who were involved in making it, going through document archives on-line and in Canada and, ultimately, producing an elaborate web site about the show.

If you have any questions about Nightfall, or about the project itself, please e-mail me at staff@Nightfall-25.com